Diploma in Special Education (D.Ed.- IDD)

D.Ed (Diploma in special education) is teachers learning program. The aim of this program is to train teachers in a way that they can efficiently use knowledge, and skills and build positive approaches to handle and understand the needs of children with disabilities. The D.Ed. training would help the candidates to teach children with physical mental and sensory disabilities in schools. The D.Ed course is recognized by the rehabilitation council of India (RCI). This course focuses on pedagogical skills, curriculum planning and the proper use of special teaching methods. The course will help the teacher to master the strategies, methods and skills to teach children suffering from disabilities (Learning disabilities/Autism spectrum/ADHD/CP/Mild ID). The major of objective of this program is to prepare special teachers to handle special children right from pre-primary level to upper primary levels. Another objective is to help the child explore and develop his/her potential and earn social competencies. Lastly, the objective is to learn techniques for classroom management, and problem-solving in children, help children to overcome behavioural problems and to guide children to do self-management.